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where people know how to bring balance

in mind, emotions, and body

so they can live with a sparkle in our eyes

Let's Play Qi Gong!

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1:1 Qi Gong tailored to your needs

You might want to learn the exercises for getting into flow and relaxation. You might be going through a tough time: together we create a set or sets that help you with what you want to achieve.

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Group lessons

First we move the qi: a general warmup with activation , streches or balancing exercises. Then we let the qi move us on a five element flows or three treasures flows. We might use sounds or meditation.

In Person, online or replays

In person, we can play qi gong in Delft and in this area. If you are living a bit further away, we scedule an online lesson.


I am Petra Eckhart and teach people methods to get energized and balanced with Qi Gong.

I have been fortunate enough to have master Lee Holden as one of my Qi Gong teachers. Lee has studied with Mantak Chia and other notable masters in the field. He teaches a Qi Gong style in which he translated ancient Eastern Qi Gong practices, into a understandable and easy to learn form that yields immediate benefits.

In today’s world, where many individuals experience stress and imbalance, it’s important to utilize proven methods to promote a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. As a Qi Gong teacher, I strive to contribute to this cause and help others in their journey towards greater well-being.

"Normally breathing exercises are difficult for me, but now it really worked!",

Participant during Wise Humanity Qi Gong workshop


Whether you’re curious about what qi gong is or what it could do for you, I am here to answer any questions.